Guiding Principles

Animal Family Alliance (AFA) will be made as a collective with the closed collective of acknowledged members having final authority on decisions made.

The collective will always maintain an overt AFA identity and will make furthering of AFA as a movement part of its goals. When representing the organization, all individuals agree to abide by these Guiding Principles.

AFA and its members will never discriminate based on race, breed, gender or sexual identity, income level, employment status, education, age, physical ability, immigration status, or other characteristic. The only requirement is that human participants and recipients love their animals and wish to do what is best for them. Members/recipients may be excluded if they refuse to follow AFA guidance or accept education.

All AFA events and services will be free or by donation. No one will be turned away due to lack of income, but those with the ability will be strongly encouraged to donate their fair share.

All AFA members agree to abide by the Guiding Principles set forth by the Pet Professional Guild, and to further spread humane treatment of companion animals by promoting that organization’s Position Statements.

AFA members will never promote breeding, purchasing animals from a breeder, or leaving animals intact (except for health reasons). All members will promote spay/neuter and adoption as humane and necessary parts of controlling companion animal overpopulation. No funds or donations will be distributed to those actively breeding or, after appropriate education, those who plan to do so in the future.

No AFA money will go toward the purchase of animal products, nor will animal products ever be actively sought for donation – with the exception of consumable products for companion animals (ex: cat food). Likewise, all fundraisers, meetings, and events, whether performed by active members or otherwise, will only offer products free of animal ingredients, testing, or other inhumane use – including food and leather.

The following code of conduct for all events will be in place:

  • No sexist, racist, homophobic, or bigotry of any kind will be tolerated at meetings or events. This includes derogatory references to any participant’s income or employment status.
  • Participants have a responsibility to the group to behave in a safe manner and to show personal responsibility to ensure that they are participating in a safe manner and to be respectful of others’ space and opinions.
  • No prong, choke, or shock collars will be worn by any non-human participant. Retractable leashes will also be actively discouraged. Appropriate tools may be distributed if available.
  • Aggressive and unruly animals (human and non-human, including children) will be kept under control and at an appropriate distance from others at all times. Such individuals may be excluded from certain events or asked to leave at any time.

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