Ways to Help

Before proceeding, please review our Guiding Principles.

  • Spread the word. Share our Facebook page and give out our email address — animalawarenessreading@gmail.com.
  • Donate.
  • Deliver donations.
  • Share resources with us. Does your vet offer payment plans? Know of a low-cost vaccine clinic? Find a good sale on cat food?
  • Give a ride to the vet, clinic, groomer, store, or shelter.
  • Use your carpentry skills to patch or build a fence.
  • Watch Freecycle and Craigslist for items we can use.
  • Walk a dog or scoop a litter box for someone who is injured, ill, elderly, or disabled.
  • Lend your carpet shampooer. Or, even better, help clean the carpet.
  • Cover impound fees to redeem a lost dog.
  • Report purposeful animal cruelty and neglect, but help those who simply need a hand or some education.
  • Clip the coat of a matted animal, trim toe nails, or clean ears.
  • Remind your friends and neighbors to purchase their annual dog license and keep rabies vaccines up to date.
  • Trap feral cats and take them to a trap-neuter-return clinic.

Please share what you have done, and your ideas to help more.


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